Affordable MBBS/MD  in the Philippines
Philippines  Universities  are  the  world's  
most affordable, according  to  a  recently
published   global   comparative  study  on  
affordability  and   accessibility  in  higher

Philippines   have a   90%   literacy  rate. If
proves that Education is of primary concern
in the   country  Philippines  is  the  largest   
English -  Speaking  country in the Southeast
Asian region.   English is used as a  medium
of instruction in higher education
Infrastructure and Facilities
Lecture Rooms

Four air-conditioned rooms complete with sound system and audio-visual
facilities are used for lectures and conferences, two with seating capacity of
100 each and two with 50 each.
Tutorial Rooms

Six air-conditioned rooms are provided for the small group discussions and
tutorial sessions typically conducted in the Problem-Based Learning
methodology. Computers with Internet access are available in each tutorial


A total of 60 computer workstations are available for student’s academic
purposes and a total of 19 computers for both academic and operations use
are conveniently located. Majority of these are provided with Internet access.

Instrument Room

An air-conditioned Instrument Room is maintained where delicate and
sophisticated instruments are kept for the use of students in Biochemistry.

Multi-Purpose Room

This room serves as a preparation room for histology and gross anatomy
sessions. It is also available for department meetings.

Audio-Visual Room

Complete audio-visual facilities equip the Audio-Visual Room, such as
television sets, VHS, VCD player, computers, and various types of projectors,
i.e., LCD, overhead, slide and microscope projectors. This is also where
various anatomical models are put on display.


With their corresponding stock rooms, all laboratories are equipped with
adequate basic facilities for pursuing the requirements of the laboratory
courses in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology,
Microbiology, Parasitology, and Preventive Medicine.


The Health Sciences Library is located on the third floor of the Our Lady of
Lourdes Hall and has updated books, journals, and references, which
enrich the student’s studies and research.
The library is open on weekdays and Saturdays, with the following schedule:
The medical library occupies about half of the third floor of the Lourdes Hall
or University Library building and to date has the following:

Books of 4,103 Titles, 5,881 Volumes, Periodicals 227 Titles Hard Copies,
289 Titles Electronic Journals


  • A-Level or equivalent Local exam
    Mark Sheet (Higher Secondary
    Mark Sheet) Senior high School
    diploma (Notarized Translation in

  • Valid Passport copy    

  • Fill out Application form with photo.

  • Those with high school transcript
    enters our 2+4 years program.

  • 2 years accelerated BSC  program
    beginning in June.

  • Then enters 4 years MD program

  • Those with Freshman/Sophomore
    credits enters our 16 month + 4
    years MD beginning in November

  • Those with BA/BSc enters our  4
    years MD in June ONLY.


    All applicants should submit the
    scan  copies with all the above
    required documents by email


Southwestern University (SWU)
Southwester University, Study Medicines in the Philippines, MBBS and MD in the Philippines
Southwestern University, Study Medicine in the Philippines, MBBS and MD in the Philippines
Southwestern University, Study Medicines in the Philippines, MBBS and MD in the Philipines
Southwestern University, Study Medicine in the Philippines, MBBS and MD in the Philippines
1 out of 10 physicians practicing in the USA are graduates of Philippines   
Medical Universities

  • Saint Loius University

  • Siliman University

  • St. Paul University

  • University of Northern Philippines

  • Gullas College of Medicine -
    Univerity of Visayas
Southwester University, Study Medicine in the Philippines, Affordable MBBS and MD in the Philippines
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