Philippines  Universities  are  the  world's  
most affordable, according  to  a  recently
published   global   comparative  study  on  
affordability  and   accessibility  in  higher

Philippines   have a   90%   literacy  rate. If
proves that Education is of primary concern
in the   country  Philippines  is  the  largest   
English -  Speaking  country in the Southeast
Asian region.   English is used as a  medium
of instruction in higher education
Cagayan State University

  • A-Level or equivalent Local exam
    Mark Sheet (Higher Secondary
    Mark Sheet) Senior high School
    diploma (Notarized Translation in

  • Valid Passport copy    

  • Fill out Application form with photo.


  • Those with high school transcript
    enters our 2+4 years program.

  • 2 years accelerated BSC  program
    beginning in June.

  • Then enters 4 years MD program

  • Those with Freshman/Sophomore
    credits enters our 16 month + 4
    years MD beginning in November

  • Those with BA/BSc enters our  4
    years MD in June ONLY.


    All applicants should submit the
    scan  copies with all the above
    required documents by email


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The Cagayan State University shall endeavor to fulfill:

1.Development of Centers of Excellence and Centers of development in the
areas of medicines, engineering, agriculture, technology, teacher education,
fisheries, sciences, arts, and graduate education;

2.Intensification of the establishment of national and international linkages with
knowledge generating and knowledge consuming entities to strengthen
instruction, research, extension and production;

3.Institutionalization of information highway for global internetting;

4.Establishment of sustainable business enterprises for fund generation;

5.Establishment, development, and strengthening of alternative delivery system
to cater the education needs of the disadvantaged vulnerable sectors in Region.

6.Continuous accreditation of curricular programs of the eight colleges of the

The Cagayan State University aims to produce graduates who are:

1.COMPETENT - equipped with knowledge, skills and valor’s needed in their
careers and societal development.

GOOD FILIPINOS - imbued with desirable valor’s of simple living, modesty,
honesty, cooperation, self-discipline, pride for our national identity and love of
God and country.

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS - aware of their responsibility to home, community
and country.

MATURE PEOPLE - having well-balanced and pleasing personalities, who care
and appreciate truth and beauty in all its forms.

Future Career Options:

This program enables the students to establish themselves as professional
medical doctors. It has been designed to rigorously train them in the forefront
of Medicine and prepare them for the necessary screening tests conducted
by the various Medical Councils and afterwards, for them to successfully
establish a medical practice in their country of origin.
Why Cagayan State University?

  • Saint Loius University

  • Siliman University

  • St. Paul University

  • University of Northern Philippines

  • Gullas College of Medicine -
    Univerity of Visayas
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