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Affordable MBBS/MD  in the Philippines
Philippines  Universities  are  the  world's  
most affordable, according  to  a  recently
published   global   comparative  study  on  
affordability  and   accessibility  in  higher

Philippines   have a   90%   literacy  rate. If
proves that Education is of primary concern
in the   country  Philippines  is  the  largest   
English -  Speaking  country in the Southeast
Asian region.   English is used as a  medium
of instruction in higher education
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Education in Philippines:

In the Philippines, half of the foreign students come from East Asia, particularly from
China, Korea, and Taiwan, according to the UNESCO.

While lots of foreign students are found anywhere in the world—like in US, UK, Germany,
France, Australia, or Japan—some cannot ignore studying in the Philippines.

For example, Kwon Ka-young, a Korean university student who went to the Philippines last
year to volunteer and study English said:
“Studying in the Philippines helped me not only
to improve my English skills but also to become more of a global citizen.”
Aside from
Koreans, an increasing number of Americans, Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese, and other
foreigners also pursue their education in the country.

Why do some 5, 000 foreign students study here in the Philippines? Few countries in Asia
can match the country when it comes to providing quality education and fun at the same

As the world’s 3rd largest English-speaking nation, the Philippines provides huge
knowledge resources, up-to-date instruction, and a multicultural learning atmosphere with
its 93.9% literacy rate. It is home to a number of ISO-certified universities and 275 higher
educational institutions identified as Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development.
There are also several international schools in the Philippines which are on American,
British, German, Chinese, French, and Japanese educational tracks.

The business and accounting schools in the country adhere to the US’ Generally Accepted
Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
while the engineering and marine schools are included in the APEC Engineer Registry
and International Maritime Organization (IMO) white list. Students are also guaranteed of
getting training from more than 115, 000 teachers with master’s and doctorate degrees in
the Philippines.

Foreign students do not only get the chance of earning excellent education, but they also
find ways of enjoying their stay in the Philippines. After having serious lessons in their
classrooms, they can relax by swimming, surfing, diving, and snorkeling in numerous
pristine beaches anywhere, or unwind in some of the island’s heritage sites like the man-
made rice terraces, marine parks, mountains, underground rivers, and other tourist
hideaways that depict Asian and European architecture. If these are not the places for
them, they can still enjoy hanging out in countless five-star hotels and restaurants,
entertainment shows, shopping malls, and cafes.

The Philippines is known for its people’s hospitality and joyfulness. Visitors everywhere
marvel at the way they are treated in each place they visit. They also enjoy the number of
festivals that are held for every locality which reflects the country’s rich and diverse culture
and traditions. The Korean student Ka-young added: “One of my greatest curiosities in the
Philippines is why Filipino festivals last for a week because usually, Korean festivals take
place for only two or three days. I enjoyed the fiestas mainly the Ati-atihan, where Koreans
and Filipinos all became one by dancing, singing, and even drinking together.”

Studies also show that it is more affordable to study in the Philippines compared with
other countries offering high quality education. It is because a person can live a modest
lifestyle by only spending US$350 to US$500 a month.

Programs for mobile students:

To attract foreigners to pursue their education in the Philippines, the government prepared
some programs to suit the students’ needs.

One of these is the ‘Philippine ESL (English as a Second Language) Tour Program,’ in
which the study of English forms part of a structured tour package. Studying English
becomes more exciting and fun through dynamic and creative ways of learning where
participants get to interact, practice, and use English more often in real-life settings thru
games, outdoor activities, excursions, and immersions. Aside from learning the English
language, participants get to see the beautiful sceneries of the Philippine countryside and
immerse with the local culture.

The duration of English courses vary depending on the needs and objectives of the
student. Modules may range from one week to one month depending on the student’s
level of proficiency. Participants can choose among the 21 bi-authorized English language
learning centers spread all over the country.                                   
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