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List of Medical Universities in the Philippines.
Affordable MBBS/MD  in the Philippines
Beside studying, students can relax by
swimming, surfing, diving and snorkeling in
numerous pristine beaches anywhere, or
unwind in some of the island's heritage sites
like man - made rice terraces, marine parks,
mountains, under ground rivers, and other
tourists hideaways that depict Asian and
European architerture.

  • Most affordable
    MD/MBBS degree in the

  • All English medium of

  • 94% of all Filipinos
    speaks English, and you
    are at home there.

  • US based education

  • Medical schools has it's
    own hospital for teaching
    and internship

  • Teaching based on
    'problem based learning'
    and also traditional

  • Possibility of transfer to
    the last two clinical
    years in the USA

  • 1 out of 10 physicians
    practicing in the USA are
    graduates of Philippines

  • All Universities are fully
    recognized and listed by
    both WHO and Education
    Council for Foreign
    Medical Graduates
    (ECFMG), as approved
    medical schools thus
    permiting all students to
    sit for the USMLE.
Why study MD/MBBS
in the Philippines.
According to the Commission of
Higher Education, by September
2007, a batch of over 1500 Indian
students are due to arrive and
enroll in colleges and universities
in the Philippines.  Currently, over
100,000 Korean are in the
Philippines pursuing mostly
English language courses.

The government also issued
the Executive order 285 which
authorizes the conversion of
tourist Visa category to
student VISA, or give out
special study Permit for those
who wish to enroll in a
non-degree course for less
than one (1) year.
There are more then 120,000
teachers with master's and
doctorate degrees from
Quoting a report provided by
Presidential education adviser
Mona Valisno, Puno said from
10,000 foreign students and
foreign tourist enrollees this year,
the figure is expected to swell to
almost 50,000 next school year
with majority of them are Koreans.

"We're becoming a university belt
in Asia. Foreign students and
foreign tourist enrollees come
here because they like our
educational system and we are
positioning the Philippines as the
Knowledge Center in Asia and the
Pacific," he said.
The Philippines is known for its
people’s hospitality and
joyfulness. Visitors
everywhere marvel at the way
they are treated in each place
they visit. They also enjoy the
number of festivals that are
held for every locality which
reflects the country’s rich and
diverse culture and traditions.
The Korean student Ka-young
added: “One of my greatest
curiosities in the Philippines is
why Filipino festivals last for a
week because usually, Korean
festivals take place for only
two or three days. I enjoyed the
fiestas mainly the Ati-atihan,
where Koreans and Filipinos all
became one by dancing,
singing, and even drinking

Studies also show that it is
more affordable to study in the
Philippines compared with
other countries offering high
quality education. It is because
a person can live a modest
lifestyle by only spending
US$350 to US$500 a month.
More reasons as to  why you should study in the Philippines
Why 5.5 years? Those with one or two years of College and considerable LESS with BA/BSC degree
1 out of 10 physicians practicing in the USA are graduates of
Philippines Medical Universities
Philippines  Universities  are  the  world's  
most affordable, according  to  a  recently
published   global   comparative  study  on  
affordability  and   accessibility  in  higher

Philippines   have a   90%   literacy  rate. If
proves that Education is of primary concern
in the   country  Philippines  is  the  largest   
English -  Speaking  country in the Southeast
Asian region.   English is used as a  medium
of instruction in higher education
Flag of Philippines
... Chairman of
Carlito Puno
Philippines has several advantages compared to other countries –
there is a lot of competent doctors who were locally trained or trained
in the United States or first-world countries, the medical schools
reportedly have a “tougher” curriculum,  hospitals in the U.S. and
European countries are visibly staffed by Filipino nurses, and Filipinos
had a competitive command of the English language.   

Dr. Pierre Clero, Medical Director of Clinique Internationale D’
Esthetique based in Paris France, said that Philippines is more
competitive because “every third medical practitioner in U.K. or U.S.
known to be Filipino descent, first-world patients attach a reasonable
amount of confidence and comfort in being treated in Philippines.” He
also emphasized “Considering India’s questionable sanitary
conditions, there is no comparison when it comes to our Philippine
clinic set up.
On Medical Tourism:

... When the economy
is down, you can still
move up!

It's no surprise that
one of the most stable
industries - even when
the economy is in poor
shape - is the health
care.  No matter what
there will always be
PEOPLE in need of
quality health care
services,  Make the
right career move...
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